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Please use a supported version for the best MSN experience. Ginnifer Goodwin: 'It Felt Wrong' to Come to Oscars After Bill Paxton's Death Moviefone 2 days ago Gina Carbone Click to expand Hollywood Reflects On The Life Of Humble Movie Star Bill Paxton CBS Los Angeles 1:30 UP NEXT Fans were shocked to hear the news of actor Bill Paxton's untimely death, but Ginnifer Goodwin was more than a fan. She was a sister-wife. Image Attribution Unavailable Ginnifer Goodwin: 'It Felt Wrong' to Come to Oscar... Goodwin played one of Paxton's three wives on the HBO series "Big Love," and she admitted to People that she struggled with the idea of still attending tonight's 2017 Oscars just hours after hearing about his death: "It was hard to come here, it felt wrong to come and celebrate anything. But [my husband] Josh [Dallas] reminded me that Bill loved all things Hollywood history and he would want you to be here." Goodwin voices the lead character in the Best Animated Feature nominee "Zootopia," so she and her "Once Upon a Time" co-star and husband Josh Dallas celebrated the film with their attendance. The actress told People that the second place Paxton would want to be, after hanging out with his family, would be at the Oscars. (Despite his long and impressive career, Paxton was never nominated for an Oscar. But he was nominated for an Emmy and several Golden Globe Awards, and he won a SAG Award for being in the cast of "Apollo 13.") "Once Upon a Time" Season 6 returns from hiatus next Sunday, March 5. Celebrities react to Bill Paxton's death